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Learning Center

Welcome to our learning and educational center. We have created short tutorial videos to get you started on how to utilize all of the fantastic trading features that Dialect has to offer. Learn how to use and customize our dashboards, alerts, and messenger to save time and make informed trading decsions. We have created presets for these features to get you started as well.

Filter Lock

Video Lesson

This feature allows users to lock specific filters that they use all the time when asking Dialect a question. For example, if you are always looking at the SPY you can lock that ticker in so that you don’t have to type or speak it when asking about additional data. Another example is if you are constantly looking up in the money, or out-of-the-money contracts, you can lock that filter as well. Filters can be turned on for a session or until you turn them off. This video will show you how to use filter lock as well as a few examples.