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How Does Dialect’s New Partnership with Chata Impact Users?

Mar 23, 2022 | Insights

Earlier this month, our team announced an exciting partnership with Chata, and we couldn’t be happier to share why this is a game-changer for users.

Chata is a pioneer in developing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. By becoming a strategic partner, the Dialect platform uses this revolutionary tech to access data instantly with natural language queries.


What Is Natural Language?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a form of AI that works to first understand dialogue or text as a person would speak or type and respond back to the user in that same dialogue or text.

For instance, every time you ask Siri a question on your iPhone, you’re using natural language. You’re asking it a question just as you’d ask another human, and it responds in the same manner. Natural language processing is an innovation in technology made possible by combining computational linguistics with machine learning.

Without NLP, a user would need to communicate with technology (like a smartphone or computer) using the computer’s language. This would involve memorizing long lists of codes and commands, which, of course, creates a much more complicated user experience.

Chata’s AutoQL’s NLP technology gives Dialect’s users the ability to ask questions naturally, and the algorithm will convert those questions into the appropriate database inquiry.

Dialect’s CEO Anthony Trzeciak said, “Employing natural language as a vehicle for accessing and exploring stock market data is a game-changer for anyone who trades or invests. Looking for insights from past or current options trades? Want to analyze equity trade data? Ask questions and get answers immediately.”


How Dialect Users Benefit from Chata

While the ability to make natural language queries is what makes Dialect a transformative powerhouse in the stock market analysis space, Chata’s AutoQL offers additional benefits to users.

Thanks to Chata, our users are able to customize their Dialect dashboard. This allows them to highlight important information at a high level, as well as establish data alerts. This AI-driven customization is designed to make stock market data analysis accessible to investors of any level, from newcomers to seasoned experts.

“Ultimately, it’s about empowering people to make data-driven decisions by making data
exploration more intuitive and more efficient,” said Chata’s CEO, Kelly Cherniwchan. “Building Conversational AI technologies enables us to bridge the gap between people and the insights they need to make critical decisions, by making it possible for individuals to query and analyze data through natural language.”


Our Goal Moving Forward

Dialect was built as a first-of-its-kind stock market data platform designed to allow traders to ask naturally articulated questions about stocks and trades and get results within seconds. By partnering with Chata and bringing our data and analytic expertise to their AI-driven technologies, we’ve created a powerful collaboration that users will benefit from greatly.

Our goal is to enable you, our users, to use our platform to reach the frontlines of the stock market. We know stock traders are always searching for their edge, and Dialect is quickly becoming DIY investors’ greatest asset.

As we look forward, Dialect and Chata will continue to develop and deliver intuitive and impactful data access experiences for stock market traders and investors.

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