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Chata & Dialect Announce New Partnership, Introducing In-The-Moment Decision Intelligence for Stock Market Trading

Feb 9, 2022 | In the News

Calgary, AB, February 3, 2022 –– Chata, a pioneer in developing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that enable dynamic human-database interactions, today announced its partnership with Dialect, a trailblazer in the fintech space that is reimagining the future of stock market trading through the development and launch of their new web-based application.

“We’re pleased to announce our latest collaboration and partnership with Dialect. Together, we recognize that the stock market is a highly dynamic space. To make informed and actionable decisions, people need to be able to access and explore market data more easily” says Chata’s CEO, Kelly Cherniwchan. 

This partnership brings Decision Intelligence to the frontlines of stock trading, leveraging cutting-edge AI and human-first design to revolutionize how people access and explore market data.

“We’ve designed our trading application for traders and investors of all skill levels to use. Each key feature is equipped with pre-sets so you can get started quickly with everything from Data Alerts, to Dashboards, and Data Messenger: an intuitive conversational interface for exploring your data. You can customize any of these features to fit your needs. The potential is limitless.” says Dialect’s CFO, Michael De Los Santos.

Dialect’s powerful web-based app gives individuals the ability to derive insights in seconds and make data-driven decisions, simply by asking questions in their own words. 

Dialect’s CEO, Anthony Trzeciak adds, “Employing natural language as a vehicle for accessing and exploring stock market data is a game-changer for anyone who trades or invests. Looking for insights from past or current options trades? Want to analyze equity trade data? Ask questions and get answers immediately.”

“Ultimately, it’s about empowering people to make data-driven decisions by making data exploration more intuitive and more efficient,” says Cherniwchan. “Building Conversational AI technologies enables us to bridge the gap between people and the insights they need to make critical decisions, by making it possible for individuals to query and analyze data through natural language.”

Curious to learn more or check out Dialect’s app in action?

Visit the Dialect website to get started. Simply sign-up and start using the app right away.


Dialect’s mission is to empower every trader through natural language processing (NLP) so that they can quickly and easily find the data they need to make informed – rather than emotional –trades. Dialect is the first stock market data application to use AI-driven conversational technologies and employ NLP to allow individuals to query and analyze market data in just seconds. Users can take advantage of customizable Dashboards, Data Alerts, and easily search for data using voice or typed text, all within Dialect’s new web-based application. No need to memorize long lists of codes or commands, just ask questions in your own words and receive data responses instantly.

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Based in Calgary, Alberta, Chata was founded in 2017 with the mission to empower individuals to easily get answers and uncover insights from their database.

Chata’s powerful API-first conversational AI technologies enable the dynamic translation of natural language into database query languages. This enables everyone – even non-technical users – to access and analyze data in real time, simply by asking questions in their own words. With intuitive, real-time access to data, users can easily understand the details underlying KPIs and gain critical insights that drive informed decisions and help propel their business forward.

Learn more about how Chata can boost data accessibility and bring Decision Intelligence to your business at 


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