A Trading App So Powerful You Only Have to Ask.

Natural language queries are a game-changer. Type in what you want to know and Dialect instantly delivers the information you need to make quick and informed decisions giving you the power to trade with data, not emotion.

Intuitive presets to get you results, now.

Our trained AI can help get you started with a variety of user-friendly presets. These include dashboards with popular options and equity data built-in, preset questions you can ask our Data Messenger, and ready-to-use filtered data alerts.

Ask a simple question, get actionable information.

With Dialect, just ask. No programming, no staring into the abyss of endless and confusing data. Use natural language and get simple and accurate results that you can take action on, now.

Trade based on the data, not emotional rollercoasters.

With a few clicks, you can visualize your data, ask Dialect follow up questions, and know you’re trading based on data, not feelings. Dialect’s AI watches market data 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Dialect Natual Language Processing

Does your trading platform tell you exactly what you need to know?

Don’t waste time staring at endless data, use Dialect to navigate through market data with ease. Our application gives you the power and ability to have all the financial data you want at your fingertips without overwhelming you with all the data you don’t need. Focus on the Big Picture and the important things in life all while staying in the know.



Make Trading Your Natural Language


Natural Language Queries

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a form of Artificial Intelligence that allows a computer to interpret our day to day dialogue. Dialect allows your computer and/or smart device to translate your natural language into its very own and respond with relevant and easy-to-understand market data.

Push notifications

When you log in to the application, you will immediately have access to our preset alerts, query questions, and data dashboards before making your own customizations as you learn and grow with our unique user interface. 


Voice to Text Alerts

Ask our application via voice or text and get the answer(s) that you need. Our application can incorporate both text and audio while deciphering important keywords, which is the most efficient and accurate way to process information and market data analyzation.

Trading Network

Join our free discord trading community where you can learn more about using dialect and maximizing its capabilities or discuss what is going on in the market.

Your Unique Dialect

Customize the dashboard, alerts, and questions to fit your needs. As you learn and grow with our unique data interface you can add personalized dashboards, alerts, and queries on our data messenger.

Make Informed Decisions

Query the data that fits your criteria making trading your new natural language.

“Dialect has been a game-changer for me. To have the ability to ask a question for any data I want, rather than sort through the traditional data methods to find what I’m looking for, allows me to make quick and powerful decisions with ease. Every investor needs a tool like this in their arsenal.”

Tony G.
Founder, Valhalla Trading Co.

“I’ve never used a application that was this advanced and this easy to use. You can ask the app questions about important data or indicators, and you get immediate and accurate responses. No more FOMO, the data is at your fingertips.”

Grahm R.
Beta Tester

Our Data Partners

Complete And Current Data

All options and equity data is up to 15 mins delayed

As one of the world’s largest exchange operators, we pride ourselves on creating strong, transparent markets. You can access proprietary data from our world-class markets through a variety of cost-effective solutions that we’ve designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We deliver these solutions through our reliable network that we’re constantly refining because when you have robust data you can rely on, you can truly discover the possibilities of what’s next for your business.

Next-generation text-to-SQL technology that enables the dynamic translation of natural language to database query language. AutoQL is an embeddable natural language interface to database system that enables seamless data exploration in any proprietary or branded software.

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