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A Trading App So Powerful You Only Have to Ask.

Natural language queries are a game-changer. Type in what you want to know and Dialect instantly delivers the information you need to make quick and informed decisions giving you the power to trade with data, not emotion.

About Dialects

Dialect offers AI-driven solutions to multiple issues facing the financial industry today including data discovery and making data driven decisions. Our NLP tools allow you to extract, analyze, and monetize your data simply by asking for the information you need in everyday natural language. No more waiting on reports to take action, now you can move as fast as your data does. Easily create reports for trader analytics, market sentiment, user behavior analysis, or market data queries in seconds increasing revenue opportunities by better understanding your users and meeting growing customer needs. 

You can also utilize NLP for analyzing internal business metrics and operational data to create more efficient ways of conducting business. And you can do this accurately and efficiently within the safety of your own data warehouses without having to share proprietary data with outside sources for analysis.  Let Dialect give you the tools to maximize your business potential.